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barcodesounds alienates everyday-life of consumption by an acoustic re-encoding of the barcode. The code, that is printed on any product, generates autogenerative music. The performance is a scanperformance of selected products with a handscanner and a videolivemix.

The sound is generated live with a software, that reuses the control-information of the barcode as musical material. Polyphonic musical pieces use autogenerated as well as analogic sounds. The code triggers the form and behaviour of a sinuscurve (soundcharacteristics, colour, frequency, duration...) and also triggers virtual instruments. These change their characteristics by repetition, the more often the same code is scanned, the stronger the sound is defragmented by algorithmes. The musical structure has references to serial and electroacoustic music by the means of digital programming. The score is in the shelves of supermarkets.

The video shows a distorted world of consumption. Pictures from advertsiements, internet or TV appear as animated collages. Their content is thereby being recoded, like the products barcodes. The hybrid scenery appears within the grid of the barcode.

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Video: Susanne Schuda

The work is a work in progress about consumption. Since 2004 schuda/schmeiser realized two public art projects: A pemanent and a temporary interactive installation. The material is being reused and develped for audiovisual performances. The last perfomrance was at liquid-music in July 2009.



Sound: Florian Schmeiser

Video/Collage: Susanne Schuda

Programmierung: Christian Toepfner





liquid music 2009:





Tonspur: Museumsquartier Wien



ORF Kunstradiosendung: Scanvorgang aus dem Archiv des ORF