90 days 90 seconds

Video 2010
Singleframeanimation, 90 sec.
Video, Sound: Florian SchmeiserOriginal: Police

singleframeanimation of over 2000 photos - shot in 90 days in Chengdu, Chongqing, Danba, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan.

the speed of changes makes the consciousness of presence impossible. a day is a year is a second.
The collission of past and future, visions of a better place, at the same time the past vanishing rapidly - the ruins and the cathedrals of the future stand side by side and mix into each other. Inbetween, there is the promise, advertisements and pictures of a bright future, buildings, constructionsites, modernism as a futuristic paradise. These illusions are the missing link in a journey with an unknown end to all of us.


everybreath you take #02

Sound, photoserie 2010
Photoserie: 6-parts: 60 x 45cm, C-Print on fineartpaper
Arrangement, instruments, vocals: Florian Schmeiser
Original: Police

this work is dedicated to china. It is a variation on love, control and surveillance.
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geschlossene gesellschaft / closed society

Installation 2006
Photography, video, sound

Public spaces, empty places and the surveillence of the public space in Vienna at the visit of G. Bush and V. Putin.

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