Salon du Smog

Wooden Offspace 2020

ongoing program


dust to dust

serie 2019

4C Print, 60 x 120cm



Photo 2019

4C Print, 30 x 45cm


the modernist

serie 2018

postcards 9 cards



Video, Sound 2017
Singleframeanimation 4´44´´

This work reflects displacement as a cultural and existential experience. It is a metaphysical allegory of solitude and displacement, a travel through time and space, places and objects, that are keeping their stories inside of them, although they have been dislocated, destroyed or preserved. These leftovers are keeping memories of where people lived, of what they did, of who they have been.





photoserie 2017
C-Print, 50 x 75

Caochangdi, a village at the border of Beijing, where workers, artists, galleries and museums mix up. The serie shows the spaces in a kind of self-contemplation. The omnipresent surveillance is inside and outside.











urban desires

Video 6`21``, 2016

New York, Beijing, Chongqing - the City as a graveyard of human development, the process of modernization and destruction, developement and devastation.

The sites:
Beijing, Blackbridge: A Village and artists´ studios at the North of Beijing, which is being destroyed and rebuilt until 2018.
Chongqing: City Development Museum
New York: Construction site at Ground Zero




photoserie 2017

C-Print, 50 x 75

One moment in the ongoing process of destruction and construction - a factory becomes a studio compound for artists, who are, two weeks after they moved in, kicked out again by the local administration. Beijing, China






soundobject #9

Soundoject 2014
Curtain on frame 2,3 x 1,2m

Based on old furniture from the 50ies- 60ies the object uses the curtain as a cover, the fine art frame as speaker. The sound is moving the fabric into trembling motion. The patterns of last century interior design become abstract blurryness.












photoserie 4 parts, 2014
4C Print on Bütten, 20x30 cm

A serie of portraits of chinese people living in houses, which are being removed for new real estate projects. The portraits were meant to be printed in large scale on old roofs and new constructionsites. Being planned as a public art project in Beijing, the project partners were afraid of personal consequences in their country.

These are photoshop visualizations for the public art project. The images also show the visual aspect of smog in the city.




mind the gap #2

Serie 9 parts, 2013
Print on paper, 20 x 20 cm

A serie of transformed pictograms, which were developed for the webproject "mind the gap" 2004. The idea of the project was to undermine functionality in its abstract, visual and web-functional sense.






vibrate space

Soundinstallation 2012
6-channel soundinstallation in public space
electric indigo, Bernhard Gal, Nik Hummer, Elisabeth Schimana, Florian Schmeiser, Peter Szely


Vibrate space reflects the urban space as an acoustic space of motion. The installation picks up the motion of the surrounding as a publix area which is mainly used for motion – jogging, walking ... The acoustic movement of the air is the translation of the movement of the city.

6 musicians from different fields of electronic music develop one composition for the public space. The 6-channel-soundinstallation sounds at the area of the centralgarden of over 400 squaremeters.



90 days 90 seconds

Video, Sound 2010
Singleframeanimation, 90 sec.

singleframeanimation of over 2000 photos - high speed modernization in China in a highspeed animation. shot in Chengdu, Chongqing, Danba, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan.





everybreath you take

Soundobject, photoserie 2010
Photoserie: 6-parts: 60 x 45cm, C-Print on fineartpaper
Arrangement, instruments, vocals: Florian Schmeiser
Original: Police

this work is dedicated to China. It is about love, control and surveillance.







I don't want to set the world on fire

Soundobject 2009
Helmet HGU-26/P, Sound
Arrangement, Instruments, Vocals: Florian Schmeiser
Original: Franz Schubert "Leiermann" (Die Winterreise)
Text: The Ink Spots "I don't want to set the world on fire"

I dont want to set the world on fire is a work about escapism and war. The emotional is encapsuled within a securitydevice.




Winterreise / Winterjourney

Soundobject, public art 2008
"Artmapping", Fluc Vienna








geschlossene gesellschaft / closed society

Installation 2006
Photography, video, sound

Public spaces, empty places and the surveillence of the public space in Vienna at the visit of G. Bush and V. Putin.







100qm utopie / 100 sqm utopia

Soundobject 2005
C-Print, Alu, 100 x 100 cm, sound

The miniature of an installation in pulic space. The attempt to put utopia into practice - 100 sq.m green gras on the street - failed and remained utopia. The sound works with the audiodocumentation of the failure.

"Utopie:Freiheit", Kunsthalle Exnergasse 2005
curated by open mind






Interactive soundinstallation 2001
emergency button

apocalypso is a work about war, using invisibility and interactivity within the gallery space.
An emergency-button is embedded in the wall and triggers the soundinstallation. Pushing the button you hear a soundcollage of sacred music and communication of NATO-pilots during the war in Kosovo.
Interactivity is reduced to the minimum: a button rules reality.

Galerie ARC
Kunsthalle Exnergasse